Property Valuations in Wadebridge

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Right Surveyors is more than capable to give you an accurate valuation service on your residential property across the area of Wadebridge.

Our ability to offer a wide range of services stems from our knowledge and professional experience that we have gained over the years. Some of these services include (but are not limited to) - taxation, probate, and matrimonial instructions.

Having knowledge of Cornwall and West Devon, you can be sure that Right Surveyors knows the various property markets of the region in-and-out. Because of our experience and high quality of service, we have become one of the foremost senior surveying companies in the area.

Residential property valuation in Wadebridge
An example of a residential property we can value.

How we value Property in Wadebridge

Like many professional services, the art of valuation gets easier with time and experience. Whilst all valuations include a mathematical element, property valuation also incorporates an ‘art’ which relies on the judgement of the surveyor to adjust the evidence available to suit the subject property.

We take great pride in our ability to combine the mathematical and art aspects of valuation and all of our valuation reports are provided directly by ourselves, an experienced residential surveying company with years of property knowledge to draw on.

Any survey or valuation shouldn't just end with the report, and we back this statement up by becoming our client’s value consultant, post survey, and are available to discuss complicated aspects like synergistic value, investment yield and development potential.

Probate & Matrimonial Valuations

We don’t just provide valuations for property buyers and sellers. There are also two particular legal processes where our valuation expert can be of assistance:

Probate estate valuations – An essential part of assessing whether inheritance tax is payable after the death of the owner. For the probate proceedings to go ahead, the value of all the estate’s assets – including the property - need to be established. Thereafter the grant of representation can be made.

For probate proceedings, a property valuer who can work efficiently, accurately and reliably is absolutely essential. Our Surveyors are experts in probate valuation proceedings across Wadebridge and provide a sensitive service in such a difficult time.

Matrimonial valuations – These are required when a marriage comes to its end and valuations are required in order to accurately divide the assets between the parties. In such cases, it is essential to instruct a registered valuer to calculate the market value of all properties owned by the pair, including portfolio properties, as not doing so can leave you at a significant disadvantage in the settlement negotiations.

As with the probate valuation process, our Surveyors are experts at handling matrimonial valuation instructions in Wadebridge sensitively and diplomatically, especially when acting as a joint valuer for both parties.

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